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Hi!  Thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Carl Davis, I live in the Medina, Ohio area.  I have had a passion for photography since High School.  That passion left me for a while during the transition to the digital age, but the bug bit me again when my boys began playing organized sports.  

I realized that there were virtually no photographers shooting youth games.  I decided to change this myself, purchased equipment, and began shooting those games for fun and my own education.  As my children grew older, I began to realize just how inadequate "consumer level" photo gear was.  Thus began my search and investment in quality, high end gear capable of shooting sports under the lights.

Shooting youth sports evolved into high school sports, and I found that I had built a relationship with many students, so much so, they began to inquire if I would shoot their Senior Portraits.  This began a whole new education process and investment in gear to help me create portraits that are different and "cooler" than the norm.

Please feel free to browse this site, and if you would like to discuss covering your child's game, or your Senior Portraits, click the contact us tab on the homepage!