Senior Portrait Pricing

My focus is to create senior pictures that are uniquely YOU, and have fun during a relaxed and casual photo session.

I shoot both formal portraits and dynamic, lifestyle portraits, and I am often told by my seniors that they selected me for their portrait because my images are uniquely different than the portraits of other students in their class.

I have discovered that everybody desires different product types from their Senior Portraits.  Some want  digitals, some want prints, others prefer wall art such as wraps and canvases.  I offer virtually any type of product you want, but with so many options, putting together a few packages that would meet everyone's needs is impossible.  How many of us have bought school photo packages through the years, just for many of those photos to lie in a drawer somewhere, never hung or displayed? 

What I have found is, it is easier to offer clients flat rate that includes digital downloads.  My session fee will include downloads of every edited image in your gallery.  Within three weeks of your session, I will upload your edited photos to a gallery and email you the link, along with a password to use to download your images.

While you are not obligated to purchase products from me , I do offer a large variety of products to consider.  The advantage of ordering from me is I can ensure the quality of your products.  When your order is placed, the lab will put a short proof hold on your order.  This will give me a chance to review your order, check sizing, make crop adjustments, and anything else necessary to ensure you get the highest quality photo possible.  When I am done proofing your order, it will be sent to the lab for printing.  When the lab finishes your order, it will be shipped directly to your door!




2-3 hours, multiple locations, unlimited outfits - Includes editing, touch ups (skin imperfections and minor retouching), full resolution downloads of  digital images with print release.

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